QloudData comes with two-factor authentication (2FA)

 Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a way to protect your QloudData (Nextcloud) account against unauthorized access. It works by requiring two different ‘proofs’ of your identity. For example, something you know (like a password) and something you have like a physical key. Typically, the first factor is a password like you already have, and the second can be a text message you receive or a code you generate on your phone or another device (something you have).

How to enable 2FA to secure your account:

1.      Log in to your QloudData Account.

2.      Click on their user profile icon.

3.      Click Settings.

4.      Click Security under Personal in the left sidebar.

5.      Click the checkbox for Enable TOTP.

6.      Scan the presented QR Code with a mobile authentication app, such as Authy or GoogleAuthenticator

7.      Type the authentication code given by the app and click Verify.

8.      Generate Backup Codes – in case your device gets stolen or 2FA is not working. Keep it into a secure place which separated from your Qloud Data / NextCloud) Accounts.




Tuesday, April 28, 2020

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